Spamhaus Unblock

Myself and the legend of Hla have been on the phone with Exalia and Rackspace (Mark dealt with Rackspace),
and we can confirm that Spamhaus has lifted the blocks on our webserver and our sending server:
Sending Server :: Web server :: Webserver

During this we had to ask one of our agencies to drop one of their customers as it was they who were spamming.
Apparently this particular sender has been caught by spamhaus before. I spoke to them directly and they claimed that it was all COI - as they had telesales people research it and could prove it.

Rackspace - in America - asked for this proof. The sender emailed us a legal letter from their loyers stating that they have broken no law and could by EU law sue them. The sender was most likely to have been lying about proving it and this, blatently, would not cut-it so we kicked them out.
It was most likely that through their illegal, non-optin data collection process, they picked up an email address which was not a real email addres - it was infact a - SPAM TRAP !!!
so emailing this spam trap address would have casued an automated Spamhaus FBL system wide block. which is what happend to the customer's mask, the sending server IP - then and the webserver IP.

These blocks did get us bounced everywhere, some bounced hard or sotf, some just redirected to a global spam folder in a corporate email system, so we did not even know about it!

Call it a lesson accross the board!!!!