Maxemail - Emulator

This was originally an email from "Leisure Path" to Faith who were sitting between us and Maxemail, Marc had some good information on Maxemail from Masa's dealings with them who handed all of their information back to Marc.
Nick Kimberley wrote:

morning Faith,

well as Pure I am also in the middle of a trial with Maxemail.

In Maxemail it appears I am able to test various ISP's in terms of how
email will be delivered. Please see below:

Has Pure any option like this?

Also, Maxemail say they can deliver up to 500,000 emails per hour - please can you tell me how many Pure can deliver.

Many thanks,
Marc's reply

This is email preview tool, it is next on the development list, in the meantime he can go to and get the same for a very minimal fee. He has to realise that these are EMULATORS, they are not the real thing so you can't guarantee that just because it looks ok in their system that it will look ok in the persons inbox.

Maxemail can send 500k a hour when no one else is sending, we can do 2m if no one else is sending, the point is that there is always someone else sending, if he is worried about delivery speed you should put him on guaranteed bandwidth.

Also this is a mail I got from Paul at Masa after he heard their pitch - check out the costs per email, we are way cheaper.- If you want he will talk to Nick and tell him how great we are.

They have also probably showed him this:

You type in IP's an it tells you what their score is out of 100 which is supposed to give an indication of deliverbility, they type in their own IP's that have 95%

But senderscore exists to make money out of people who want to improve their delivery rates, so it is in their interests to show that people who don't use their service have a poor score:



Bad one:

Good one: