Email issues to AOL

I can now confirm that all of our servers ...
(apart from one - cos of a typo by AOL - but it is not a sending server anyway)
... are on the AOL feedback loop;
We may still get some gloom in the short term (hopefully only 48 hours) but we should see it lighten up as the week goes on

We may not apply for the whitelist again on the newer servers until we can improve our reputation
within AOL, through the feedback loop - this normally takes about a week.
I will try to get it done in time for the weekend B2C rush!

--  Captain Inbox 
-------- Original Message --------
Changed your feedback loops as per request.
Thanks, Mohammed Ahmed Postmaster / Data Analyst America Online.
Unable to email to sent it to
always enter ticket # in subject line please.

Mon, 26 Mar 2007 04:10:15 -0400
== You are receiving this email due to a request for a Feedback Loop Update at ==

The following configurations are setup for the email address:

For more information or to change your FBL configuration please call the AOL Postmaster Helpdesk at
1-888-212-5537 or 1-703-265-4670.

Thank You,
AOL Postmaster