Ezone Blog - Protect Your Brand - the from address

Newbies who start publishing an email newsletter will put their personal email address and name as the FROM: field.

This is a huge mistake for many reasons:

1) If your members filter your email newsletter to read later, they often will filter based on the FROM: field and that means any personal emails you send to your user/client base will be filtered into a box that may never be seen again.

This point is the major point of today's Ezine-Tips because you dilute your power by training your members to not be able to differentiate the emails you send to them that are part of the newsletter versus personal emails or business relationship/transactional emails.

2) You are missing a branding opportunity. In AOL and other email clients, the name field portion of the email address is not displayed and only the name before the @ symbol is displayed.

Which email FROM: field address do you think builds my brand better? chris@ or ezine-tips@ ? If you guessed ezine-tips@, you win.

3) If you want to achieve efficiencies with your ezine management, you'll need to trap your bounce-backs or replies that go above and beyond what your email list server is managing for you.

By separating your personal FROM: field from your ezine FROM: field, you allow yourself the opportunity to filter and manage your ezine more efficiently.