AOL Whitelist block - 23-03-2007

We are still currently experiencing bounces from AOL - this is afult of thie rown which they appear not to be in a hurry about.

when we altered our servers, I went though the process of adding our new servers to the list and requested that the new list replace the old list, this was ignored
So we had many servers on our whitelist and FBL which we were not using & some were being used by clubzoom. we could not auto-opt-out the clucbzoom feedback emails cos the pure feedback is only setup for the Pure shared servers.

I have been on the phone many times to AOL and the said that they cleared up the problem and all I have to do is re-apply for the fbl then whitelist. I should be able to confirm this by the end of Friday 23-03-2007 - but they do say - if they are busy it may take longer than 48 hours.