Advanced Send 2 a Friend

If you want your customers to be able to sign up new recipients through the send 2 a friend function, they will need List Builder Interface switched on, then they can have a sign up box the email they forward and can capture the email addresses of their friends. This sign up button takes them to through usual double opt-in process, I am told.

It is getting more and more important to have the LBI on customers' accounts. As data is getting worse/more expensive and people sending the emails are not capable of sending the honest email to cold addresses; ie: you have recieved this email becasue you signed up for this, if you do not want this email please unsubscribe here!

To turn on Advanced Viral Reporting, or Send to a Friend Sign up, is just a tick box for admin, should this be enabled by default when they buy LBI?

RP thinks that they were seperate line items with seperate charges? More investigation required!